Tip: Changing BlackBerry SIM Cards

Though it's possible to remove a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and swap it between compatible devices, how you do it varies, even among BlackBerry wireless handhelds and smartphones.

BlackBerry Pearl
On the BlackBerry Pearl, for example, you simply remove the battery door, take out the battery and find a thin metal flap—bigger than the one for the microSD card—that lifts up. Place the SIM inside, close the flap, replace the battery and door and you're phone number now works on the Pearl.

BlackBerry 8800
On the BlackBerry 8800, on the other hand, you again remove the back, exposing the slot for the microSD card and the battery. But after you remove the battery, there's no obvious door or flap to reveal where a SIM goes. Freeiphoner.com (see below for one) has some good illustrations of what you'll be looking at.

If you look carefully to the left of the micro SD slot, you'll see a tiny arrow embossed in the plastic. The SIM slides into the slot indicated by the arrow.

You'll need the metallic side facing down and the slanted corner of the SIM closest to the microSD slot (again, refer to the illustrations). Removing the SIM from this one is tricky as it's so small and fits so snuggly.

Remove or insert the SIM card into holder.

Try unbending a paper clip and gently touching the SIM with the tip of the clip to ease the card out just enough to get your fingers on it.

BlackBerry 8700
Accessing a SIM cared in the BlackBerry 8700 is a little simpler than with the 8800. It is more like with the Pearl.

Here's what you do:

Remove the door and the battery. Then you'll see the SIM card holder.

Slide the SIM metallic-side down into the notches made for it and ensure it lies flat within the metal guides. Gently press down and tug to get it out. Remember to replace the battery and door.


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