Tip: iPhone — Bluetooth Goes South with Software 2.1

I installed iPhone software 2.1 on my first generation iPhone. iTunes asked me if I wanted to, so I did. Pretty please. The software download went flawlessly. Afterward my phone worked the same as before. And that was good -- do no evil -- although some 3G users say that there is better battery life. I noticed no difference with the 2.1 update.

I plunked the phone in my pocket and went off on a business trip. For two days the phone worked well. When I got home, I hopped in my car and no Bluetooth connection to the audio system. I kept getting a message that the Bluetooth couldn't connect. The phone seemed to pair, but the keyboard that is used to enter the pairing passkey never appeared.

After fooling with this for 30 minutes, I put in a call to iPhone -- 1-800-MY-IPHONE. After a 30-minute wait ("due to the high volume of calls") I got through. No prior documentation of the problem, so we tried restore from backup (control-click on iPhone name, or right-click on iPhone name). That didn't work. Then we just did a restore from the iTunes page. That took some time -- all the content had to be reloaded into the phone.

But the next time I got in the car, Bluetooth worked! No idea what happened -- perhaps a faulty software download.


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