Tip: Windows Mobile — How to Use Your XV6800/Mogul on a Wi-Fi Network

Like most other smartphones, such as the BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry Pearl 8120, Palm Treo Pro, and nearly all HTC devices to name a few, the XV6800 (available from Verizon and Sprint -- as the Mogul -- in the U.S.) integrates Wi-Fi, which you can use instead of your cell phone plan to send and receive e-mail or access the Web, for instance, or -- with some type of VoIP application installed -- make phone calls. On the XV6800, there's a convenient way to switch from the default cellular network to Wi-Fi. Here's how:

On the left edge of the device, switch the toggle from Wi-Fi off to on (note: be sure to switch back when you aren't using Wi-Fi or you'll run down your battery searching for networks). Then, go to Settings-->Connections-->Wi-Fi.

XV6800 Closed

Select a network from the list that appears and click next. Verify the authentication and data encryption and check "the key is automatically provided" or enter the network key and index. (If you're not sure, start with the automatic box checked and if you need to enter a network key, you'll be prompted later.)

Once you are connected, the Configure Wireless Networks box will show the network that you're connected to. On your top menu bar, you'll notice the wireless icon is displayed for data connectivity.

XV6800's Keyboard Exposed

Wi-Fi is particularly handy when you're deep inside a concrete building or when you're in a remote place where cell towers are sparse but cable or DSL brings Wi-Fi into people's homes.


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